Campus to Corporate Programme

Campus to Corporate Program at NDIM

Employability requires three key ingredients of competency: knowledge, skills and attitude. Academia over time has done a fairly good job on the knowledge front, but the gap is observed in areas of technical skills development including enhancing the students’ soft skills and behavioural skills.

NDIM's Campus to Corporate program emphasizes learning beyond the curriculum through mock interviews, GD's, PDP's, resume building, seminars, role plays, group exercises, field surveys, visits, workshops and corporate talks.

Students are divided into groups for better interaction with the knowledge expert. At the end of each session there is evaluation and report writing so the concepts are clear to all learners. Such sessions are organised regularly and more so in the eventof Covid 19 lockdown where the students got the chance to attend these sessions from the comfort of their homes. Many industry experts and eminent personalities are invited to conduct these sessions. A lot of emphasis is given on the behaviour aspect during the course of these sessions as these skills are more applicable to business organisation framework where the students need to be able to work in teams together and brainstorm ideas.