Message from Academic Dean

Education in India is undergoing a massive transformation. NDIM has truly embraced this shift by introducing many innovative teaching techniques like lectures, assignments, case studies, role-plays, group discussions, business games, experiential learning activities, group work, seminars, simulation workshops, skill enhancement workshops, personality development workshops, entrepreneurship development programmes, education tours, recreational tours and field visits. We totally focus on enabling students develop an intellectual capacity for analysis, assessment, judgement, decision-making and action-taking.

At NDIM, we have many outcome based processes like a Mentorship program, Remedial and Bridge classes and 360 degree feedback system in place that help us map overall progress of our students. We have signed many MOUs and faculty and student exchange programs to ensure academic excellence in the institute.

Keeping in mind the holistic development of our students, we have four subject clubs in place for Finance, Marketing, HR and IT known as “Management Crossroads”

Education must also lead to excellent career prospects. At NDIM we always work very closely with the industry to fulfil the ambitions of our students. In addition to having an excellent placement department, we closely collaborate with the industry at various levels and want the industry to play an active role in our education.

Our academic results speak about our excellence with many of our students bringing laurel to the college by getting highest ranking in university exams moreover our students’ creativity and determination is evident by their continuous success in various fields.

We are committed to create a better tomorrow based on value creating education and excellence.

We are proud NDIMites !