NDIM has a rigorous mechanism for awarding need-based and merit-based scholarships for its students.

These scholarships are offered in three categories

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Extra-curricular Excellence
  3. Merit-based

In addition, students are informed through formal channels of all scholarships offered by GGSIPU, the State government, and the Central government on monthly basis.

On a quarterly basis, students submit their names for various scholarship categories to the respective departments. The departments then submit the selected few names to the Dean Academics and Dean Student Welfare, who then submit the names to management for approval, post which the scholarships are announced, and disbursed to students on monthly basis.

Some scholarships are as follows:

  • Merit cum Means Scholarship for students pursuing professional courses
  • Scholarship schemes for EWS
  • Scholarship Scheme Sponsored by Indian Society of Accounting and Management, Academic Session 2019-20
  • Java Satya Pramoda Nidhi JSPN Scholarship 2019
  • NTPC Scholarship for Engineering Students, Academic Session 2019-20
  • Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme for Higher Education of the wards & windows of Ex-Servicemen (Veterans) / Ex-Coast Guard Employees (2019-20)
  • Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme for the wards of Central Armed Police Forces & Assam Rifles and State Police Personnel for the academic session 2019-20
  • Mahindra All India Talent Scholarship (MAITS)
  • IOCT Sports Scholarship 2019-20
  • Sahu Jain Trust Scholarship
  • BPCL Scholarship Scheme for Higher Studies
  • Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Scheme for Graduate and Post Graduate Students 2019-20
  • Brainers Talent Search Examination (BTSE) 2019 for grant of Scholarships to Indian Nationals
  • Scholarship Programmes 2019-20 for students admitted to professional degree courses
  • Keep India Smiling Foundational Scholarship Scheme for students of Economically Weaker Section
  • Scholarship to Meritorious students
  • Scholarship for Leadership Skills
  • Scholarship for Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Merit Scholarship for students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority category
  • Post Matric Scholarship (SC)
  • Post Matric Scholarship (OBC)
  • Post Matric Scholarship for Minorities
  • Merit cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses
  • Centrally Sponsored Schemes/ Central Sector Schemes in NCT of Delhi
  • Sh, B.C. Maheshwari Memorial Scholarship
  • Sugan Devi Maheshwari Memorial Scholarship


NDIM has the tradition of awarding certificates, Medals, and Trophies to the subject toppers of the batch as well as in the university and to the students who perform well in extracurricular activities organized at the institute level. These students are honored in the cultural fest of the institute, Manthan. The awards are given under different categories such as academic excellence, overall exemplary performance, other extra-curricular activities, and leadership skills.

NDIM has a system of offering financial assistance to help students get by with some of their educational expenses. Scholarships under this category are provided by NDIM to meritorious students, which are given to students who show exemplary achievements in a specific subject or exceptional extracurricular involvement. Copy of the “Scholarship Policy” is attached herewith for reference.

The purpose of  New Delhi Institute of Management scholarship Program is to position financial support in a way that complements one or several strategic directions of the college

  • Encourage participation of students by providing them with financial assistance
  • Promote excellence
  • Support recruitment, promote a discipline, or attract specific talent


Policy Guidelines for Scholarship for the students of BBA and any other undergraduate Programme in affiliation with GGSIP University.

As decided and approved by the competent authority, the following “Merit Scholarships” shall be awarded to the meritorious students of the BBA program. The eligibility and other details of the Scholarship are as under:

  1. Minimum eligibility for the scholarship is that the candidate/student should be a first rank holder and must have passed in all papers of the University Examination conducted by the GGSIP University in the previous two semesters (i.e. either 1st & 2nd or 3rd & 4th semesters) at the Institute level.
  2. He/she shall be provided with a scholarship on a per monthly basis (this is decided and reviewed in the BoD meeting on year to year basis) for the next whole semester till the date of examinations of the semester.
  3. There will be a minimum of three Scholarships to be declared annually (one for 2nd-semester examinations and two for the 4th-semester examination) for the students, it shall be declared at the end of every even semester on the basis of the results of the GGSIPU examinations of the previous two semesters.
  4. In case two students are found eligible for the scholarship with the same credentials, both of them will be paid the same amount of Scholarship and in case no eligible student is found for the scholarship, the amount of the scholarship shall be kept reserved for the next (odd) semester and can be provided to the eligible candidate.
  5. Students eligible for the scholarship shall apply to the concerned Academic Officer along with the copy of the result on the prescribed form and the decision of the Principal in this matter shall be final and binding to all.
  1. The list of these students shall be provided by the academic department after approval of the competent authority to the accounts section and the amount of the scholarship shall be paid to the eligible students as per the list provided.
  2. The other meritorious students shall be honored and awarded with Medals / Trophies and other mementos at the Institute level.
  3. In case any student obtained the rank at the university level (out of the first three ranks) the amount of the scholarship can be doubled with the recommendation of the Principal and this shall be with the approval of the Hon’ble Chairperson of the Institute.
  4. The other needy/poor students can also apply for the scholarship and it can be provided with the approval of the Board of Directors of the Institute, on the compassionate ground only.
  5. In order for the procedures to be executed effectively, the Dean of Student welfare takes a meeting with all the concerned departments once or twice a year
  6. All the departments then propose the name of students on the basis of academic excellence, overall good performance, active participation in CSR & NSS activities, exemplary performance in cultural activities like singing, dancing, fashion show, quiz competition, and the like. Special consideration is given to students from weaker sections of society.

Scholarship offered by New Delhi Institute of Management

Every year first, second, and third position holders in academics are awarded cash/ monetary scholarships on monthly basis. In the year 2019-20 institute has given a monetary scholarship of approx. 5 lakhs to the students in form of cash and kind. The institute also awards scholarships to needy students who are unable to meet expenses of their education in the form of

  • cash,
  • Book bank
  • Remedial classes and extra lecture.