NDIM 360 Tour

The NDIM 360 Tour

The NDIM campus provides a welcoming, intellectually stimulating atmosphere for students, faculty, and all those who cross its threshold.

Reception and Interaction Centre

The reception area is a sanctum for the discussion of ideas, dissemination of important information, and where NDIM welcomes its guests, whether it be a parent, a visitor, an incoming student, or H.E. Ambassador Augusto Montiel, Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Classrooms @ NDIM

NDIM classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and equipped with modern facilities like LCD projectors, a Public Address System, microphones, and provisions for audio-visual tools for effective teaching. Students are encouraged on monthly basis to prepare case studies and presentations, and special multi-media facilities are provided to ensure that our students gain the all-round education that comes with the NDIM name.

NDIM IT & Tech Centre

NDIM’s IT & Tech Centre provides high-speed 7 Mbps Wifi through Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communication. The lab has 92 computers, networked through the entire campus through inter-connected Local Area Networks (LAN/WAN & WiFi), along with two servers operating on Windows 2008 R2 & LINUX.

Latest research softwares like IBM SPSS (STATISTICS BASE 21.0), Visual STudio 2010, e-Views 9.0, Office 2013.2010, have been installed for student projects as well as high-quality faculty research.

NDIM Library and Information Resource Centre

NDIM’s digitized, air-conditioned library has over 10,000 books, journals, periodicals, and reading material, which includes case study collections, corporate annual reports, company profiles, project reports, and reference material from international agencies. The library uses the fully integrated library management system LsEase, which brings books and reading material from across the globe to the user’s fingertips. In addition, the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) allows members online access to book details over internet and intranet.

NDIM also facilitates high-level research through its subscription to over 80 national and international journals, as well as through its subscription to the EBSCO Management Database, which allows students and faculty to access over 5000 journals and magazines, over 7000 business publications, 19,000 company profiles, and over 6000 videos, including the Harvard Seminar Series. Through its linkage to the Developing Library Network (DELNET), which connects users with 6351 libraries across the world, students can access the finest research in the world and use it for their own research papers. NDIM’s Library also has institutional membership of the American Information Resource Centre (AIRC), the National Digital Library (NDL), E-ShodhSindhu, and NICMAN (National Information Centre on Management) under IIM-Ahmedabad. It is no wonder that NDIM students are at the forefront of student-led research all across Delhi, as was evident from the confidence and academic vigour on display at NDIM’s National Conference on Paradigm Shift in Management Practices for Fostering Excellence.