NDIM Celebrates International Yoga Day

On 21st June 2019, NDIM celebrated International Yoga Day on campus for the students, staff members and Faculty, in an effort to making Yoga a part of everyone’s life.

The event was held in association with Bharatiya Yog Sansthan, an organization aimed at preserving Indian cultural heritage, the Rotary Blood Bank, the country’s largest and most modern blood bank with state-of-the-art technologies and service, and Sankalp Organization, working to help mankind in various aspects of life.

The event begun with a holy ‘Puja Ceremony’ followed by the welcome of the Chairperson Ms. Bindu Kumar and Chief Guest of the event, Mr. G.K Mehta, a retired Chief Engineer in the department of Military Engineer Services.

Yoga adhikarees from Bhartiya Yog Sansthan were the trainers for the day:

1.         Ms. Sarla Chaudhary – Member of executive commission Delhi

2.         Mr. Jitender Mangla – District president Delhi

3.         Mr. Ashok Garg – Organising Secretary 

4.         Ms. Yamini Singhal – District President

5.         Mr. Dharamveer – Organising Secratory

Several guests from Rotary Blood Bank and Sankalp NGO make the event a success.

The yoga instructors listed importance of mind, body and soul nourishment through YOGA. Various asanas like Makarasana, Pavanmuktasan, Tadasan, Vrikshasana, Shavaasan etc. were performed through proper scientific instruction, and their uses were told to all. Yoga develops strength and balance as well as inner peace. All yoga styles create a feeling of lightness, ease and relaxation.

At the end all the student participants, volunteers and Guest were given certificates, token of thanks and served refreshments.