Educational Visit to Renewable Energy India Expo 2019

It is Asia’s largest and most influential Energy Expo and highlights upcoming technologies that can change the world including unique case studies from across India and Globe. The dynamics of the Renewable Energy sector has undergone a significant transformation with declining tariffs, rising Renewable Energy penetration and evolution of storage technologies. Discomfort, financial stress and the consequent payments delays have added to the challenge. Accordingly, it is important to explore innovative financing structures and instruments that can enable Renewable Energy development in these uncertain times.

Students were exposed to the unique concepts relating to renewable energy, various organizations with innovative technologies that are leading participants in this sector, Supporting financing innovation to manage the energy  transition with increasing demands,Developing the right financing and risk mitigation instruments to encourage new investments, creating the right incentives for investments in new technologies like energy storage, hybrid projects etc. and exploring the opportunity for exploring new products such as Renewable Energy investment trusts, masala/green bonds etc.

The visit was a great learning experience for all.