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Personality Development Programme

NDIM makes sure that its students become all-rounders and emerge winners in both academic and non-academic fronts. For their overall grooming, the institute conducts regularly the following activities:

1. Case Studies: This method of teaching is employed to develop the mental ability of each student and to ensure proper understaning as to how the theory learnt applies in real life managerial situations. A fair opportunity is given to each student to develop his/her problem-solving ability and presentation skills

2. Projects and Assignments: Projects and Assignments form an integral part of the curriculum. Projects are identified based on industrial needs for the students to select from. Guidance to work on the project is provided by the course instructor.

3. Role Play and Simulation: Role-Playing gives students a chance to live the roles and practice the concepts beforehand. Computerized business simulation games simulate the real business world environment.

4. Presentations on recent socio-cultural and economic issues- Faculty members, depending upon the nature of the subject, hold extempore or routine presentations to be given by the students from time-to-time. Presentation series are arranged for the students as a part of internal assessment for the subject Personality Development & Communication Skills.

5. Corporate Mentorship- A mutually beneficial relationship which involves experienced professionals assisting the students to identify and achieve their goals. We are grateful to the corporates who have been providing one to one mentorship to our students and providing them extensive industry exposure.

6. Group Discussions - Group Discussion is a standard methodology used at NDIM to ensure the holistic development of the students. It is the litmus test for individual's behavior as a team player and the students learn the original sense of flexibility and confidence. The basic purpose of the Group discussions is to evaluate those attributes of the students that are difficult to identify and time consuming to assess. It always opens new horizons for discussion. In Group discussion the main stress is given on the flow of original thoughts and ideas and these exercises also help the students to put forward their out of the box ideas in a bold and acceptable manner. The secondary stress point is to develop and enhance the understanding of the course content, Society and the Professional traits.

7. MOCK Interviews - NDIM values academic and professional development of the students and prepares them to become market leaders. To Cultivate knowledge of facing interviews, NDIM organizes regular sessions of “MOCK INTERVIEWS”. The purpose of a Mock Interview is to provide students with an opportunity to practice the interviewing skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. Mock Interviews are a great opportunity provided to students at NDIM to become familiar with commonly asked interview questions and interview etiquettes. At NDIM the stress is given on the reduction of Interview apprehension / anxiety and to acquire confidence to face interviews. It provides the students both an opportunity to practice &prepare for an interview.

8. Live Projects - The capable placement team (CIPC) arranges for live projects for the students regularly to time to enable them to get hands on experience of dealing with real life corporate issues.

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