About Corporate Interface And Placement Cell

Corporate Interface and Placement Cell

The Corporate Interface and Placement Cell at NDIM is a largely student-driven, professional body incorporated for facilitating recruitment of the country’s best minds by global corporates. To recruit talent from NDIM, companies can register anytime on our official website through a readily available form. The Corporate Interface and Placement cell has a clear objective of ensuring all students of the BBA program get placed every year in top notch corporate, businesses and organizations and also to equip them with industry-specific knowledge.

To facilitate this objective, a ‘Placement Awareness Programme’ is conducted every semester, where the placement representatives visit each section of every semester. This ensures that the students are well informed about the placement activities of the college and their role in it.

This cell conducts the following main activities in the college:

  • Internships
  • Final Placements


Our students have been placed for summer internship/ final placements in top corporates such as Sharekhan, Cosmic Group, HCL, Intarvo Technologies, ICICI Bank, Hero Honda, Bajaj Capital, Omkam Technologies, Barista, Future Retail, Soulfull, ADG Online, British Telecom, Kotak Securities, ICICI Bank, HDFC Securities, Swiggy, Zomato, Home Jiny etc.

The Corporate Interface and Placement cell also organised during the year Winter Internships and received a tremendous response from not just start – ups but also from prominent companies like Cadbury, Future Retail, HDFC Securities and HDFC bank.


Campus to Corporate Program at NDIM

Employability requires three key ingredients of competency: knowledge, skills and attitude. Academia over time has done a fairly good job on the knowledge front, but the gap is observed in areas of technical skills development including enhancing the students’ soft skills and behavioral skills.

NDIM's Campus to Corporate program emphasizes learning beyond the curriculum through mock interviews, GD's, PDP's, resume building, seminars, role plays, group exercises, field surveys, visits, workshops and corporate talks.


Corporate Interface and Placement Cell Activity

The Corporate Interface and Placement Cell makes efforts to call the companies for campus placement. A communication is sent to corporate telephonically, through email or visit to the company. The student database is forwarded to the corporate as per their requirement. Some of them provide industrial training, market surveys, field projects, product launches and campus recruitment. As per their policy they short list the student. After finalization of date and time, the Company conducts campus drive in the college premises or they call the students at their premises. Those students who are through with the aptitude test are qualified for next round like technical and HR interview. Once a student is placed in one company then he/ she is not allowed for the other corporate.

It is observed that most of the students of BBA program lack in communication and presentation skills. Due to this fact they are low in confidence and are unfit to get a job. There was a need to make them aware about the opportunities in specific fields. They were made aware of increasing corporate demands through various talks.

Campus to corporate program was effective in enhancing student capabilities in these areas through various activities like career counselling, corporate talks, mock interviews, mock GD’s, PDP’s, resume building sessions organized during the year.


Student Involvement in Activities

Following are various activities of the Corporate Interface and Placement Cell where students are actively involved:

  • Design and Printing of Placement Brochure
  • Developing and Executing the Placement strategy
  • Conducting Recruiting Survey (s)
  • Interacting with the Past Recruiters
  • Interacting with the Potential Recruiters
  • Placement Presentation at various companies
  • Organizing the Career Counselling session by experts
  • Organizing Resume Writing, GD and Interview(s) skills development sessions
  • Maintaining student Resume Bank
  • Developing and maintaining Corporate Database
  • Allocation of companies to student groups for image building
  • Coordinating all the activities related to Placement

Placement & Internship Policy

  1. CIPC will regularly organize the Counseling and Campus to Corporate sessions for grooming, knowledge enhancement, etc. in which 60% attendance is mandatory for students.
  2. Students with more than 60% attendance in these sessions conducted will be given first preference for any placement or summer internship activities.
  3. Notification about the companies for placement and summer internship will be informed through placement notice board or website. It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements / notices / updated information / shortlisted names etc. on the notice boards of Placement. In case of any discrepancy please corporate interface and placement cell.
  4. Students must be punctual and formally dressed for the presentation for all activities conducted.
  5. Students should carry the identity cards and a copy of their resume along with the photograph with them during internship & placement process.
  6. Students must maintain discipline and show ethical behavior during the placement process. Any student, violating the discipline rules set by the company or defaming the institutes name will be disqualified from the placement process for the rest of the academic year.
  7. After the presentation, students will be allowed to withdraw from the interview process. Students interested for appearing in further process will have to inform the student placement coordinator on the spot.
  8. The students must inform the acceptance of offer letter within 24 hours (from the day following the release of offer letter). Result awaited in other companies will be handled on case to case basis.
  9. Students taking up internship on their own must submit the copy of their offer letters to the CIPC latest by first week of April.
  10. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the CIPC will use its discretion to take appropriate decisions. The decision taken by this cell shall be binding on all students.

For any grievances students may write to [email protected]


Placement Team

Ms. Sugandha Agarwal -Assistant Professor

Ms. Bhawna Mukaria- Assistant Professor

Dr. Neha Raghev – Assistant Professor

Contacts :[email protected]