Eco Friendly Campus

The NDIM campus is a plastic free eco- friendly campus. We use alternate energy initiatives like solar plant and solar water heater for heating purposes. Also, the institute is in the process of installing an additional Solar Power Plant in FY 20-21.

Rain harvesting system is in place at NDIM with a capacity of 2500 litres and connected with roof tops of the building and the open area of the campus.

Awareness programs and messages for the harmful effects of use of plastics is a regular practice. All around and inside the campus, there are hoardings to not use plastics but environment friendly packaging material.

Dustbins are kept on every floor and at numerous places both in and around the campus to maintain hygienicity. Going green is the initiative taken by students and faculty members at the institutional and the community level through establishing a Centre for Green Initiatives.

The Centre for Green Initiatives creates awareness of the preservation of the environment engaging in an open dialogue with all stake holders i.e Students, Faculty, Parents, Alumni and Corporates, for them to understand the various environmental issues and the need to address them. Sapling Plantation Drives, Green Day, Green Activities, Competitions, Debates, Workshops etc are organised to further emphasize the need to Go Green.

It is aimed to use minimum paper in the office and all systems and procedures to be fully automated for it to be truly a ‘Paperless Office’.