Examination Policy

The following Examination Policy of NDIM will come into effect from the academic year 2019-20.



1.1  The Mid Semester Examination and Continuous Evaluation shall be entirely internal. The faculty member who teaches the subject shall be responsible in conducting the evaluation of Mid Semester Examination. The Mid Semester Examination question paper will be framed by the subject faculty and shall be moderated by a Committee constituted by the Chairperson / Principal. In-house subject faculty shall evaluate the subject under the supervision of the Examination Committee. If a course is offered by more than one teacher, the setting of question paper and evaluation will be done jointly. The faculty shall evaluate the performance of the student throughout the semester on regular basis.


1.2 Constitution of the Examination Committee:

The Examination Committee shall be constituted by the Chairperson consisting of not less than three faculty members of the College which shall include a senior most faculty member. In the event of any vacancy arising in the Examination Committee the Chairperson shall nominate faculty member to fill in the vacancy or the Examination Committee may co-opt a member with the approval of the Chairperson in writing.

1.3 Attendance:

The Students have to obtain a minimum of 75% attendance in aggregate. Students who fulfill the above criteria are eligible to appear for the End –Semester Examination. If the student fails to achieve the minimum percentage, college will debar the student from final examination.

1.4 Mid- Semester or Internal Examination:

1.4.1 There shall be a Mid-Semester Written Examination for 30 marks from out of the total marks allotted to a subject.

1.4.2 The duration of the Mid Semester Examination shall be of one and half hour.


1.5   Components of Internal Assessment:

The following is the break up for evaluation:

S.No. Heading Total Marks Weightage
1. Attendance & Class Participation 10 Marks 05 Marks
2. Presentation/Assignment 05 Marks 05 Marks
 3.  Mid Semester Examination  30 Marks – one hour thirty minutes duration 15 Marks
 TOTAL 25 Marks



1.6  Non-Appearance in Examinations:

1.6.1  Mid Semester Examination: If a student is unable to appear in the mid-term examinations for whatsoever reason other than participation in the National/International Competition etc. (duly approved by the University) he/she shall be marked as Absent (Zero marks). If a student is unable to appear in the Mid-Semester Examination due to participation in the College team for National/International Competitions only, then he/she will be evaluated proportionately basing on the marks secured in the Class Participation & Presentation / Assignment, provided that the student’s application for not appearing in the mid-semester examination will be accepted only upon the recommendation of the Chairperson / Principal. If the student fails in Mid Semester Examinations or is unable to obtain a minimum of 15 marks or below 15 marks in their internals, they may be given an opportunity with appropriate reasons and with due permission of the Chairperson / Principal, to appear for a Repeat Mid Semester Examination.

1.6.2 Repeat Mid Semester Examination:


NDIM don’t appreciate absenteeism in Mid Semester Examination so strict disciplinary action will be taken in case of non approved (approval should be from Principal / Chairperson) absenteeism


The Repeat Mid Semester Examination will be conducted for 30 marks. This opportunity can be availed only once by the student.


If the student fails to attain Pass marks in the Repeat Mid Semester Examination, no moderation will be done.


If the student fails to appear in the Re Mid Semester Examination, absent will be marked in final OMR sheet.


1.6.3   Projects: Student failing to submit the project for whatsoever reason, except participation in Moot Court or any other National or International Competition on behalf of/representing the College, he/she shall be marked as Absent (Zero marks). No separate project be given in these cases. The students participating in any National or International Competition on behalf of/representing the College during the period when the project work is conducted shall take prior permission of the concerned faculty and appear for the same later.

  1.  Attendance and GRADE POINTS EQUIVALENTS:


2.1 The Attendance is mapped through grades in a five-point scale. The corresponding Point values are as follows:





Percentage of Marks Grade Points
1. 65 and above 5
2. 50 - 64 4
3. 35 - 49 3
4. 20 - 34 2
5. 1 - 19 1




3.1  The Examination Committee shall notify the schedule for the examinations.

3.2  The Examination Committee shall communicate to the subject faculty the date for submission of the question papers.

3.4  The Examination Committee shall communicate the seating plan to the students.

3.5  All members of faculty and administration of the College have a duty to render all necessary assistance to the Examination Committee for the conduct of all the examinations.

3.6  a) No student shall be allowed into the Examination Hall 15 minutes after the commencement of the examination.
b) No student shall be allowed to leave the examination hall before the expiry of one hour from the commencement of the examination.
c) No student shall be allowed to leave the examination hall during the last ten minutes after the warning bell.

3.7  No educational aids or materials, books or papers or any electronic gadgets are permitted into the Examination halls.

3.8  Resorting to unfair means in examinations shall entail summary cancellation of candidature of the student and shall be on the recommendations of the Examination Committee which may lead to debarring from the end semester examinations after inquiry by a Committee as the Chairperson may decide.




4.1  Each subject faculty shall submit two Question paper to the Examination on or before the date fixed by the Examination Committee. Once a question paper is set and filed with the Examination Committee, it shall not be altered, save in special circumstances approved by the Principal / Chairperson.

4.2 So far as practicable, each question paper shall be designed to test the understanding of the students in the relevant subject. It should, as far as practicable, be problem-oriented or of a nature that it requires application of knowledge.

4.3 The subject faculty shall ensure that the question paper covers as far as possible all the topics from the syllabus.

4.4 All the faculty members should strictly follow the Question paper format published by the Examination department.





5.1 In the event of a subject faculty having a close family relation with a student, he / she shall refrain from any examination work after informing the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee may appoint an examiner to that subject on the recommendations of the Chairperson.

5.2 Each subject faculty shall adhere to the examination dates by the Examination Committee and shall be responsible for the evaluation and declaration of results as within seven days of commencement of the respective examination.

5.3 On the day of examination, invigilators are required to collect the necessary things like question papers, answers sheets, roll list and other required material for smooth conduct.

5.4 All the concerned teachers are required to collect the answer sheets from exam section and evaluate and submit within time as per exam section notification.





6.1 The evaluation of all examinations shall be made by the respective individual subject faculty.

6.2 The pattern for the Mid-semester Examination shall be set by the Examination Committee.

6.3 The subject faculty shall submit a duly filled evaluation sheet to the Examination Committee after completing evaluation of the answer scripts.




The Examination Committee shall be responsible for entering of Marks in each of the subject for the purpose of declaration of results and it shall only check the grand total of marks allotted  given by the subject faculty.



8.1 Right to Access:
The students are given answer scripts for access without any payment and only arithmetical or technical error found are corrected, the same are changed after due approval and changes (if any) in Results are declared.


  1. declaration OF RESULT:


9.1 The Examination Results shall be duly published by the Examination Committee as announced in the academic calendar.

9.2 The format and method of announcement of result shall be determined by the Examination Committee from time to time.

9.3 The examination results shall be signed by the Chairperson / Principal.

9.4 The Examination Committee reserves the right to make necessary corrections, if required, in the declared result after the approval of the Chairperson / Principal.




10.1 To check that every student has his/her I Card in every examination. In case any student is found not carrying I Card, must be referred to Chairperson / Principal for special approval.

10.2 All faculty members shall invigilate the Examinations according to the schedule set by the Examination Committee.

10.3 To report at the Examination Rooms 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

10.4 To be vigilant during examination and shall record instances of any mal-practice during invigilation in the invigilation diary, bring them to the notice of the Examination Committee without delay, and take appropriate actions in consultation with the Principal / Examination Committee.

10.5 To put the Answer booklets in sequence (as per the seating plan) and deposit the bundle to Examination Committee as soon as the examination is over.

10.6 To initial with date the answer scripts only after verification of the relevant entries; and on additional scripts before issuing them to the Students in the Examination Hall.

10.7 To circulate the attendance sheets and ensure its proper filling.

10.8 To check the first page of Answer booklet properly at the time of taking attendance (sign of student & sheet no.)and putting invigilator sign on the first page of answer booklet.

10.9 To maintain the discipline and decorum of the examination room.

10.10 To silent their mobile phones during Invigilation Duty inside the classrooms.




Before Exam:


11.1 To ensure that they are pasted on the doors of examination classrooms and on the Notice Board.

11.2 To issue counted answer sheets to Invigilators at the start of examination.

11.3 To maintain attendance record of Students.

11.4 Collect, store, handle and use the examination stationary such as answer books.

11.5 To collect answer booklets from Invigilators after the examination is over.

11.6 To handover the following documents to the invigilators in the packet

  • Answer books
  • Question paper
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Thread
  • Extra Answer Sheet (according to the paper)

11.7 To prepare blank attendance sheets (Regular & Re-appear) and get them filled in all examination classrooms.

11.8 To seal the packets containing Answer Booklets & put labels on them after the examination is over.

11.9 To do the Date stamp on main answer booklet in all classrooms, beside the round stamp.

11.10 To ensure that refreshments & tea of the desired quality are served to invigilators and all other staff members on examination duty timely. Variety in refreshments should be taken care of.





11.1 Handover the following documents to the evaluators in the packet

  • Answer books
  • Award List
  • Highlight the R.No. and Name of Absentees in the Award list.




13.2 To support the Academic Staff in the packing of packets for Invigilators and Evaluators.

13.3 They must check all places like Stair- case, Washrooms, Cafeteria etc. time-to-time all through the examination for any kind of misdeed.

13.4 Chits found in any place especially washrooms must be handed over to Principal / Examination Committee.

13.5 To remain available outside the examination classrooms for the Invigilators for any specific communication like calling Examination Committee / for cheating cases, to call for any requirement of stationery etc.

13.6 To maintain cleanliness of examination classrooms and washrooms before and after of each shift of examination.


  1.  DUTY OF THE Security STAFF:


14.1 To check that NO Bags, mobiles, head phones, books, study material are carried inside the college premises during examinations. The security staff should be polite yet firm in their duties.

14.2 In case of any dispute, they must address it to Principal.